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Cannot lock CyberLink PowerDirector to Discrete GPU

Question asked by wil22 on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2018 by frankflorida

My issue: I can't use my dedicated graphic card to be assigned to Cyberlink Powerdirector for video editing purpose as the AMD Catalyst setting is locked to Intel integrated graphic card.


Checked with Dell. Dell asked to contact AMD. Spent 5 months time in communication with AMD and at the end, they told me it was instructed by Cyberlink for them to lock the graphic card. I suspected AMD is just bluffing about this so they turn the responsibility to Cyberlink. I questioned this to them and they still insisited it is instructed by Cyberlink.


Contacted Cyberlink and they denied it.


Please see attachment.


Is there anyway I can report or complaint about the ethic issue of such a big company in handling this?


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