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    Where are the standalone Wraith Max coolers


      Haven't AMD announced around June 17th 2017 that they would sell or provide the end users with a standalone Wraith Max RGB cooler for a RSMP of 59 Dollars. My question is: Where are those ? Coz I haven't seen one being offered as standalone in whatever store or on whatever online-shop ?

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          They are for sale at Amazon but they are asking about $145 for them! I can't see why anyone would spend that much for them.

          AMD 199-999575 Wraith Max Cooler with RGB LED


          The few reviews I have seen are not good. Maybe AMD stopped producing them until they can fix the problems people are complaining about.

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              After reading those reviews I'm baffled. It uses the same old AM3/3+ mount that every other cooler I've tried uses.


              I simply popped on the static end, put some pressure on the tensioner end to get it over the motherboard retainer and flipped the arm over to do it up. Same as pretty much every other AMD heatsink I've ever used. No brute force, no naughty words and nothing snapping. I wonder if they revised the design and made it worse, as I've had mine for a while now?


              On the plus side, it fits nicely in a Norco rack case and keeps the 1800X well under control. It's not actually a massive cooling improvement over the old Wraith that came with the FX-8350, but it's noticeable and a _lot_ quieter than the old 6500RPM screamer.


              I certainly wouldn't pay $145 for one. My local has them listed for $89 AUD (which is $68USD currently), and for a relatively high TDP air cooler that fits in a rack case, that's in the ballpark.

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                Euh, I have seen those on Amazon, but I have the feeling that they are knock offs/fakes. Priced too high and as Bradc is mentioning, I never had any of those arms snapped on the AMD stock heatsinks.