MediaFoundation. How get surface ? I want get image from GPU. How i knew MediaFoundation used GPU.

Discussion created by ronniko on Dec 11, 2017
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My OS Windows 7.

In Win 8.1 or Win 10 its not problem.

But in Win 7 problems with render MF video to Directx 11 texture whitout copy CPU(from mem to gpu mem. CPU method very slow if video 1080p or 4k) and MediaFoundation.



I knew MediaFoundation used GPU for decode video image. And i knew MF used DirectXSurface8.

And on GPU exist already decoded MediaFoundation texture\video image.

How do i get mediafoundation this gpu texture ? How do shared this MF texture\video image to Directx 11 ?

Or mediafoundation surface ?

Maybe i must copy(GPU\GPU) MF texture on GPU to Directx 11 GPU texture without CPU.


I mean somthing like QueryInterface\GetSharedHandle\OpenSharedResource.


Sorry my bad english.