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rx 480 artifact and black screen on desktop but not in game

Question asked by troy232 on Dec 11, 2017
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I have had this card for nearly a year now and have had no issues until recently.. Its the Sapphire nitro+ 8GB model the only thing i've touched in wattman is limiting the max temp to 80 over the default 90 and lowering target to 70.(i have also used default settings and its recurring) I've reinstalled graphics drivers with ddu and have done a fresh install of windows Even trying older versions of drivers.(the drivers crash when the screen goes black) It seems like it has issues with stability with its GPU idle state. I have thought about making it auto open something with a GPU load which does fix all stability issues... Lol or possibly flashing the bios to modify state 0 however i wanted to get opinions before i get that desperate Thanks in advanced- if your curious what the artifacts look like its small rectangular shapes of black that pops up in groups. and unigine heaven ran for 2 hours perfectly fine no artifacts or overheating and just as good of performance as new


Once again thanks a million for at least reading the post-