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XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS no signal after driver install

Question asked by seidenbuch on Dec 10, 2017


Trying to get XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS (8GB) work on:

Windows 7 64bit

Intel Xeon 1231 V3

Asus B85M-G

BQ pure power 350 W (ok not really much, but its enough for windows).


truyed the card on old motherboard and i get signal after driver install, so the card shine to work...

But on Asus B85M-G install driver (last, but truyed till 17.2 previous) and after reboot see windows loading logo,

than hear windows wellcome but no visuall signal (No signal). The card´s fans not working.

Go to save mode, looking device manager and here AMDA00 Interface problem


looking for UEFI (Bios) setting, here i did following:

PCG Config

- DMI Link ASPM : off

- ASPM support : off

- PCL-e Speed : auto

- Intel Rapid : off

- Intel Smart: off




-VT-d: on

DMI: Gen2

PCLex16: Gen3

PCL-e nativ power Management: off


-UEFI first

but still the same. BIOS update Motherboard did.


Any idea ? I have a Led TV as Monitor, may be it has not enough resolution for signal from the card? But in this case

i would not getting "no signal".


Thank You for helping