Latest amd-gpu-pro Driver on Ubuntu 16.04.

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Just in case anyone else has/is considering moving to Linux instead of running  Windows 10.


I have recently installed the latest version of the amd-gpu-pro driver for Ubuntu 16.04. LTS on the following System.

Motherboard = Asus Z97 Deluxe with NFC and Wireless.

CPU = i7-4790K runinng with no overclock.
GPU = Triple R9 Nanos installed on PCIe3.0x8, PCIe3.0x8, PCIe2.0x4. None are overclocked.
OS = Latest download version of Ubuntu 16.04.03 LTS.
Memory = 4of 8GB Crucial Ballistix LP Tactical DDR3 running at 1333 MHz (no overclock).

Monitor = Viewsonic 22" FreeSync Monitor 1920*1080p Resolution. Model Number VS16261.
DisplayPort and/or HDMI output from Primary R9 Nano in top Motherboard Slot was connected to Viewsonic Monitor Inputs.


I used the following installation instructions.
AMDGPU-PRO Driver for Linux® Release Notes

I used this link for the driver: “”

I followed these installation instructions:
How-To Install/Uninstall AMD Radeon™ Software AMDGPU-PRO Driver for Linux® on an Ubuntu System

Pretty good experience so far.

1. The installation instructions worked fine for me, unlike Centos 7.3 installation - I will update that story elsewhere.
2. The installation was easy and completed correctly with no errors or warnings.
3. I have tested an initial set of Steam on Linux Games. They all launch and perform reasonably well running on Ubuntu with this driver so far. Graphics Quality is good.
4. This is just an example but 20/59 of the games in my Steam Library run on Linux.
5. Nothing Crashing so far with this driver on me yet.


There are some limitations at the moment with gaming on Linux as expected.


1. No GUI control of the GPU's with the AMD-GPU-PRO Driver.

2. Not even looked into Crossfire with this AMD-GPU-PRO Driver. I do not think it is supported, I need to check further.
3. Lack of gaming related peripheral control, overclocking utilities, LED Lighting Control etc etc.


Since Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is a stable long term releases I would recommend trying this with the AMD-GPU-PRO Driver versus trying Centos 7.3.

Since I am have been using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS most days this year I will update this post with any useful GUI tools/ GPU Control Utilities I find and any test findings  w.r.t. using these AMD-GPU-PRO Drivers.


I am also running these drivers AMD-GPU-PRO on Centos 7.3 on this system and on other similarly spec'ed machines.


Again if I find anything useful on that I will post it.
It might help others moving to Linux Desktop from Windows 10 in the future.