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Drivers suddenly keep failing, even after reinstalling them

Question asked by admiralaegir on Dec 10, 2017

Good evening/afternoon/morning,


The situation: At this moment I am suddenly experiencing problems with my graphics drivers. For the past couple of days my graphics drivers keep failing, with the 'Display driver failed to start; using Microsoft Basic Display Driver instead. Check Windows Update for a newer display driver'. Everything seems to be working except that my display drivers don't. Initially I thought it crashed in particular after playing 'Rainbow Six Siege', but now its happening during casual browsing.


Specifics: AMD R9 270 Graphics card with the latest windows 10 updates (creators update).

Currently I have found a temporary solution, but after 1-2 hours the drivers fail again and I have to repeat the following process: I boot up my pc in safe mode, remove my display drivers using DDU and then reinstall my AMD drivers '16.12.2-dec19' (old drivers from last year, instead of the latest '17.11.4-Nov27'). The newer drivers don't seem to work and thus give me the error immediately but the older ones give me a couple hours before crashing.


Now I think it's just a drivers issue and not my graphics card it self, but this is where my creativity ends and I require some help/advice, so thanks in advance!