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where to download the 12.1 legacy driver for radeon hd6350m?

Question asked by altarya on Dec 10, 2017
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I have an HP g42-374BR notebook, which has dual gpus, the integrated hd4300m and the dedicated 6350m, however updating to the lastest amd drivers simply does not work, i've read online that this notebook does not support anything after 12.1, however that version is nowehere to be found on the amd website, and thus i am stuck with an ancient version of the driver i got from the HP website, it is so old that the cards are listed as ATI Mobility cards and Catalyst has absolutelly nothing of interest to adjust, plus it keeps disabling the dedicated card for some reason, it also says that that the dedicated card has 3 gigabytes of VRAM... which makes no sense considering windows says that 11.7 gigabytes of my total ram(12gb) are available to the entire OS...


This is just...a nightmare, i've been playing around with drivers for days on end without ever getting catalyst/radeon settings/vision/wahetever control center comes with the driver to activate the 6350m all of them keep insisting that the integrated card is a better choice(probably because the absurd amount of VRAM, that simply doesn't exist) and don't allow me to permanently activate the "worse" card( which isn't worse at all), nothing helpful in the bios either, and yes it is updated to the latest version as per hp website.


I'm hoping that if i only install the 12.1 drivers for the 6350m that i will force the system onto that card and put the integrated card in a driverless limbo, this way the system has no other choice but to use the dedicated card which will be the only one with drivers, but as i said nothing past 12.1 will even finish installing, they either fail to install the driver but install everything else, catastrophically fail and don't install anything or it just BSOD the laptop mid install.


update: the ancient drivers from the hp website no longer install properly, it always finish with warnings, and after the reboot catalyst shows the cli.implementation error and refuses to open, i'm beggining to think this is hopeless...


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