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Latest 17.11.4 drivers cause  a BSOD

Question asked by joseph123 on Dec 9, 2017

Problem signature

Problem Event Name: BlueScreen

Code: 109

Parameter 1: a3a00c635f4ea9a7

Parameter 2: 0

Parameter 3: 18f9628fd4c17834

Parameter 4: 101



So after  the windows update and  AMD driver updates to 17.14.11. It keeps popping up  blue screens randomly,once it was even a red screen so I needed to shut my pc down manual,so i was reading that code 109  is caused  by a bad driver, and its safe  to instal the latest driver that did not cause that issue but as I can see    alot of people have same  issues with it and wonder did you come with any solutions or new drivers that will fix it hence t says my drivers are up to date after the   17.14.11 .because it been a long while now.