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Constant crashes with vega56 when using a windowed game and browsing or watching youtube videos (in theater mode) on a 4k screen

Question asked by mrcleanor on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2018 by samboush

like the title says,


it crashes mostly when windowed, very seldom in full screen games.

Hardcrash, screen turns blue or black, then restart (5min-3hours)



Win7 with updates

Ryzen 1600

mobo MSI b350

8gb ram

PSU tested 650W Enermax Gold, 750W colermaster bronce, 550W seasonic platinum (that made it crash a little less i think)


Drivers, everyone since release driver, clean installs with ddu, never helped

voltages stock, or undervolting/overvolting, didn't help, powertarget didnt help

both bios settings tested

games tested,: Overwatch, ironcast, shadow of war, southpark fractured, ...many more


system did run perfectly with a 290 and a rx480

I have approximately 25years of pc experience, so i did what i can, tested 99% of possibilities

I am assuming a generall driver bug, when doing several things on the desktop and different videoinformations are stored in the hbm