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    Constant crashes with vega56 when using a windowed game and browsing or watching youtube videos (in theater mode) on a 4k screen


      like the title says,


      it crashes mostly when windowed, very seldom in full screen games.

      Hardcrash, screen turns blue or black, then restart (5min-3hours)



      Win7 with updates

      Ryzen 1600

      mobo MSI b350

      8gb ram

      PSU tested 650W Enermax Gold, 750W colermaster bronce, 550W seasonic platinum (that made it crash a little less i think)


      Drivers, everyone since release driver, clean installs with ddu, never helped

      voltages stock, or undervolting/overvolting, didn't help, powertarget didnt help

      both bios settings tested

      games tested,: Overwatch, ironcast, shadow of war, southpark fractured, ...many more


      system did run perfectly with a 290 and a rx480

      I have approximately 25years of pc experience, so i did what i can, tested 99% of possibilities

      I am assuming a generall driver bug, when doing several things on the desktop and different videoinformations are stored in the hbm