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S7150 with adobe cc illustrator 2017 2018 in VMware esxi 6.5

Question asked by massimob on Dec 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by gfxuser

Hello everyone, I do not have much experience in this world amd so I ask for help from you. I installed Vmware esxi 6.5 u1 in a dell server with 2 gpu s7150 configured in vdgpu. At the beginning I had problems installing drivers but following I managed to install everything well. What I ask is a help with adobe illustrator CC 2017. If I connect to the virtual machine in PCoverIP I do not see the animated cursor of the tools, while in rdp I see it. In rdp but I can not make solidworkrs work well that works well in PcoverIP. I tried and tried again but there is something that I miss. Thank you