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    MSI Afterburner and Sappire Trixx


      I need a little help with finding the right safe zone for using these Utlilities....


      my system specs are:



      3.0 GHz turbo 3.8


      1xR 8GB stick of RAM in one slot.

      Memory Band DDR4 2400

      OS windows 10 64-bit

      R7 integrated

      RX-560 GPU dedicated Switchable Graphics

      4GB of VRAM


      MSI afterburner image.PNG


      Sapphire trixx image.PNG


      I want to know if I can push my system to a safe speed without damaging my system.

      I do not know how to use these utilities but could use some help.


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          As far as I know, All third party OC and monitoring software (MSI Afterburner & Trixx) are not totally compatible with AMD Wattman. They seem to cause issues with the GPU's. Recently, I noticed that some people have said the newest versions of MSI Afterburner seems to work with AMD drivers. So I don't know if the first statement I made is still valid.


          AMD Forum suggest using solely AMD"S Wattman to OC and control your GPU's fans.

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            It is not recommended to try and OC laptops. Heat is the problem....most OC programs won't even work. Use what the manufacturers offer.

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                yeah,I am still waiting on your company to make those custom AMD Bristol Ridge Chipset Baffin Drivers for switchable Graphics updates to send to Dell...so Dell can notify me of new updates...


                I am still using the August 8th drivers from Dell.



                >.< please don't tell me custom laptops are dead ends from vendors....especially if they make the motherboard around the gpu and you supply them the drivers for it...aka making it specific custom....