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RX480 unable to install driver

Question asked by john43131 on Dec 9, 2017

Hi guys and gals,


Recently I just did the November update on a x64 win 10 Ent system with a Asus ROG RX480. At this stage nothing was happening.

A few weeks later however I got a new monitor (Display port) go to reboot with only the display port plugged in and get; BSOD crash stating: Thread-stuck-in-device-driver

Upon reading this I was only able to boot into safe mode and then did some research which basically concluded in a reinstall to the original Win10 Ent x64 with the same results.

Not bothered about the full re-install but it did eliminate the ability for Windows to be at fault (dam).

I could and still cannot reinstall the drivers in anyway, I did however have the latest drivers working for about 2hrs (then I played a game) and then no longer.

After this I did a roll back to a backup and nothing changed.

Now, I install any driver of any version (catalyst doesn't accept my card ) and the drivers don't install, they get to the "Installing Display Drivers" then the entire system goes BSOD.

Any suggestions, is my graphics card stuffed?

Before you ask (excuse my arrogance) all device drivers are upto date plus the MoBo is up to date too.

Windows will not be up to date any longer as the new version is absolute garbage and I enjoy the original win10