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8650G + 8970M problems

Question asked by lazarusmagni on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by lazarusmagni

There has been a lot of issues with this setup for a while, and the only partial solution has been documented here :Installing AMD Drivers On A10-5750M + HD 8970M Laptops


But I am having another issue and I wonder if anyone can help me out?


So I have this exact same rig, actually sold by cyberpowerPC as a fangbook, but really it's just a rebranded MSI GX 60 (or 70) I think.




Quad core CPU: AMD A10-5750M with HD integrated graphics

AMD Radeon HD 8650G

AMD Radeon(TM) HD8970M

16 gigs of ram

120 GB SSD

Originally Windows 8, upgraded to Windows 10.

Currently DX12 per Windows update.

Not sure what else is relevant for listing?


The normal update process does not work due to the 8650G being Legacy. But Ubilada's method does work for updating the 8970M driver.


The problem I am having now is that in a recent update (the current one I have installed on my 8970M is from 11/27/17), when I set a program (like a game.exe) to high performance graphics, it is still utilizing the horrible 8650G (in addition to the 8970M.) Which means the 8650G is dragging down the 8970M.


For example, with the new Star Wars Battlefront 2, at first I couldn't even load the game, and would get an error message AMD Driver Detected 0.0.0. That seemed to be a problem with EA/Origin (not exactly sure as AMD also released an update at the same time I installed both), we got that worked out, and with a recent update I can now load the game. But now even when I set a game to high performance, my computer seems to be trying to link both GPUs (I can see this using the AMD system monitor.)


The 8650G is preventing the graphics from showing up correctly (colors are all crazy (psychedelic looking), and it eventually leads to a crash.) I know this to be a problem with the 8650G (above and beyond seeing it being used in conjunction with the 8970M with AMD system monitor) because if I disable the display adapter for it in device manager (which reverts is back to some basic windows driver or device) the game looks perfectly fine (not psychedelic colors), but runs so unbearable slow it's not playable at all. And you can see in AMD system monitor it's not using either the 8650G nor the 8970M.


I would really appreciate some help here. I paid a lot of money (by my standards) for this gaming laptop, and to have it's primary GPU go legacy a couple months after purchase, and knowing most of it is still semi-decent except for this one thing (the 8650G) is really disheartening. I still have an old Win Vista, Nvida PC that works fine, and continues to get GPU driver updates just fine. This has been a really frustrating first experience with AMD so far. Again, I would really appreciate some help (if it's even possible.)