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RaidXpert2 - unable to log into webGUI - x399 Windows 7

Question asked by dbrbt on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2017 by dbrbt

In the process of setting up a new system, I encountered  a problem that was discussed before... unable to log into the web GUI.


It was suggested to manually install drivers to 2 RAID controller entries which are not installed automatically:


My problems is that I cannot identity which drivers to manually install for these controllers (for a x399 system on Win7) . AMD's driver distribution has a myriad of various version with cryptic names. I tried pointing the driver search to the root directory of AMD drivers. It found a driver, but installing it causes Windows to fail on reboot.


Does anyone know which drivers  (on win7 for x399) I should use to activate the 2 RAID controllers not automatically installed? Or should I raise a ticket with AMD?


Thank for any help.