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Game Forced to Power Saving Mode at Switchable Graphic Option

Question asked by jellal on Dec 7, 2017

Hello, i have a problem where my graphic card at switchable graphic setting at AMD radeon setting keep changed to power saving even after I change it to high Performance.

Here is my Notebook Specs:

ASUS X550ZE AMD A10 7400P

with graphic AMD Radeon R6 as Primary and AMD R5 M230 as discrete graphic


radeon Software 17.11.1 with DirectX 12.


PROBLEM : There is a game, Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 that I play but with poor performance around 23-25 FPS, (low setting) when i monitor the graphic performance through software like MSI Afterburner, the R5 graphic is iddle, while the game running in only R6. The R5 graphic should be more than enough as a Requirement to play.

- I have set the power to High Performance at Power option.

- I have set the Profile to high performance at Switchable Graphic Option at AMD Radeon Settings.

But when i started the game the profile changed to power saving (at switchable graphic option). Even when i tried to change to high performance while the game is running, the profile quickly switch back automatically to power saving.  Other game are working just fine with 50/50 performance in both graphic card when set to high performance and played in Full Screen mode.

Can anyone explain where was my mistake in setting ? or is it a bug ? Should i roll back to older version of radeon software ? any suggestion would be much appreciated.


*additional information : when i started the game there is a sound that sounds like when notification box appear in windows but when i checked at dekstop there is no notification appears. i dont know if this information would be useful.