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connect samsung Gear VR to sapphire 290 tripx

Question asked by arona on Dec 7, 2017

hi , i have an ADM sapphire R9 290 tripx graphic card with a Samsung gear VR , as you know samsung gear VR works with samsung android phones not the PC ( like HTC vive ) , but there is an app called stream theater that you can install on your phone and then connect it to your PC with Nvidia shield streaming and using Gear VR to stream and play PC VR games like other VR devices ( HTC vive ) . is there any same app for AMD owners ? some times i got disappointed for choosing AMD , always Nvidia is One step ahead on stuffs like this and supporting their fans and adding apps and features to their products , but im always the great fan of AMD (ATi) , just plz tell me there is something like that app for AMD or at least there is a way to do it with my AMD . making such a small app is not a big problem at all for a Great company like AMD , but it will help a lot of peoples around the world with such a small apps . AMD is sooo great on hardware performances , plz just dont lose it bcuz of software and feature supports like this .