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    FirePro W600




      J'ai une carte graphique FirePro™ W600 pour faire un wall display de 4 écrans.  Le problème est que je ne peut avoir que 3 moniteur sur mon mur, car rien ne s'affiche sur l'autres.  J'ai des adapteurs mini DP à HDMI de Startech " MDP2HDMM3MB "


      Pouvez-vous m'aider ?





      I have a FirePro ™ W600 graphics card to make a wall display of 4 screens. The problem is that I can only 
      have 3 monitors on my wall, because nothing is displayed on the others.
      I have Startech mini DP to HDMI adapters "MDP2HDMM3MB"

      Can you help me ?




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          What happens when you reduce the display resolution on all 3 displays? What is the native resolution of your 4 displays?

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            It looks like your problem is not uncommon. You may want to try out active mDP to HDMI adapters instead of the passive ones that you're using right now.

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                I have try 3 active adapters (mini display port to hdmi + hdmi cable) and 1 not active mini display port to hdmi and I have the same result.

                I use windows 10 home 64 and 12 gb of memory

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                    I have 4 identical 1080p displays in HDMI mode connected to a W600, three of them through miniDP to HDMI active adapters (ACCELL B086B-012B), and one of them through a miniDP to HDMI passive adapter (brand and model unknown). I'm also running Win10 64 with 16GB of RAM.


                    All displays are lighting up.


                    When using active miniDP to HDMI dongles, your system should recognize the connected displays as DP connections. When using passive miniDP to HDMI dongles, your system should recognize the connected displays as HDMI connections. You can check this by opening Radeon Settings and going to the Display tab. The HDMI connections will have an additional HDMI Assurance setting. Do you know how many displays are recognized as HDMI and how many are recognized as DP?


                    Also, have you tried the latest AMD Radeon Pro Adrenalin drivers to see if this fixes your issue?