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    Ability to Control Power Consumption?


      How do I control and limit the power consumption of the processor? 

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          The processor's TDP limit can be set using the Configurable TDP (cTDP) function.  The processer's power management scheme will work to keep power consumption within the TDP set using cTDP.   cTDP is accessible via the BIOS setup menu. 

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              Some OEM platforms, HPe for example, do not expose the cTDP feature, instead setting it to the highest value supported by the particular SKU installed. In these scenarios, there may be other BIOS-level settings to control power management, and you can also take steps at an operating system level like disable boost and select a lower maximum P state (like P1). Boost is a system-wide setting however max P state can be set for individual cores (e.g. some cores can be allowed to run faster if they are handling performance or latency sensitive tasks). However both of these are open loop controls in terms of reducing power they do not give you the same level of control (power capping) like the cTDP function offers.