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VEGA number of SIMDs each CU

Question asked by diepchess on Dec 7, 2017
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In the Vega instruction set architecture reference there is at page 16 a picture indicating there is 4 SIMDs  (64 streamcores each) in each Compute Unit sharing 64KB LDS storage. Now someone told me, supported by an online reviewer of Vega GCN NCU that it has 64 streamcores in a single CU, so not 256. Which gives a 4x larger LDS per streamcore. BIG difference for gpgpu.


The picture in the AMD instruction set architecture doesn't explicitly mention GCN NCU, so could refer to older GCN architectures, so anyone could be right here.


What is the case here?

How many streamcores are inside a single CU, 64 or 256?


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