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    RX 570 Errors with Windows


      I'm having issues with my 570 that are kind of difficult to explain.  Despite my computer being at idle, I keep getting weird artifacts, effects, and hangups.  Usually, the hidden taskbar icons drawer (bottom right arrow) will only show the outline of the drawer, transparent and with no icons or anything.  Hovering over options in a window, like windows explorer or settings menus, won't show that my mouse is actually hovering over them, and if I actually try to click what I'm hovering over, either nothing happens or I experience a random hangup (again, even at PC idle.)  Most windows I open again just show the border of the window and not the actual contents.  There is also some general odd behavior when I hover over any programs I have open in the task bar.  Restarting the PC hasn't really fixed anything, it's kind of a random occurence.  Restarting Windows Explorer in Task Manager also hasn't really worked.  I'm fairly positive it's a graphics card issue, as I just got this card several days ago and was using Intel HD graphics beforehand for a couple of months with no problems.  Any input would be appreciated, thanks.



      Intel i5-7400

      Asus RX 570 Strix (factory OC)

      MSI H270-I Gaming

      Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (1x8)

      Adata 128GB SSD

      WD Blue 1TB

      Corsair 550w 80+ Bronze


      As far as I know, I'm up to date on all drivers