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Fire Pro W9000 & Radeon HD 8510G error code 43

Question asked by captain7642 on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by jargon

i own a Toshiba Satellite S50D-A-10H with integrated AMD A8 quad-core graphics and one day i start my laptop up and it just doesn't want to know.

on the device manager it says that both display adapters aren't running; AMD Fire Pro W9000 & Radeon HD 8510G yet my display is still running in widescreen HD fine - i'm making this query from this very computer. i've tried installing every driver i've been told should help but they just say that there's either no AMD hardware installed or there's an error with the driver. i've checked my drivers and they all are fine and because the hardware is integrated, i can't easily remove it to clean or replace it. Windows troubleshooter just keeps saying error 43 . i've included my system info report and the troubleshooter report in the hopes that someone could help me fix this issue, thanks.