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Driver issues amd a10 9600p

Question asked by mrencko on Dec 7, 2017

i am using an apu and if i go to the amd driver download page for my specific apu, there are more than 7 newer drivers for it, but i cant use those drivers because if i install the drivers the amd menu cant be used because windows disables my drivers due to malfunction, i am i need of use older version of drivers to use propely my apu, and i find this shamefull because, i dont see the need of use 2016 and early 2017 drivers, because amd cant make proper drivers for this apu, and yes i use ddu, and amd cleanup, even windows 10 fresh so, disabled windows auto update drivers and allways whit every 17.x.x the drivers fail, even whit some 16.x.x i need a solution from amd please, by the way my model is

HP Pavilion 15-aw002la