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    [Bug] Cursor Stuttering/Lag on 17.11.x - 17.12.x with 3 monitors


      This became most apparent to me when using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC. I am running Windows 10 x64 (1709). This happens with 3 monitors. I have tested on two separate Intel based machines. One with a R9 290, and another with a RX480. I tested this with 17.11.1 and 17.11.4. Both versions had the same issue. 17.9.1 does not exhibit this issue.


      The issue is very obvious when I am using Photoshop, and switch to another app (such as Chrome). When I switch back to Photoshop the cursor stutters and lags for a couple seconds before becoming responsive again (I am unable to interact with the application at this time, as I tried keyboard shortcuts and they did not respond). This happens EVERY time I switch back to Photoshop from another application. I have also noticed this problem at various times when using Windows. This was not an issue before 17.11. For now I am sticking to 17.9 because it does not cause problems.