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Constant screen tearing in games with Freesync ON

Question asked by faqu on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by faqu

I noticed that while gaming in fullscreen on a freesync monitor , i still get screen tearing even if i am in my freesync range (a horizontal screen tear slowly rises from the bottom of my screen to the top).

My monitor is an LG 23MP68VQ-P (40-75Hz freesync range) , and i am using RivaTuner to limit the fps to 75 . If i limit the fps to 74 , the tearing is still there , but only at the bottom of the screen . To completely remove the screen tearing , i have 2 options : limit the fps to 69 in RivaTuner (this is how i can get rid of the tearing at the bottom of the screen) or enable vsync in-game , but vsync adds input lag , which is a bad thing in first-person shooters . The same thing happens at 40fps , and the only way to remove that tearing is to enable vsync , or to limit the fps to 44 via RivaTuner.


I forgot to mention that the issue isn't present while gaming in borderless.


Any help ?


PC Specs :

-i7 6700

-RX 480 8GB

-16GB DDR4

-LG 23MP68VQ-P

-Driver Version 17.11.4