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RAIDxpert2 - 1016(CRITICAL) Array offline errors

Question asked by mscofield on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by mscofield

I have a new 1950x build with an Asrock x399 Fata1ity MB and Windows 10 Pro. I've set up my RAIDs with RAIDxpert2, follow procedures of updating MB BIOS to latest, install Windows, update Windows, turn on RAID mode in BIOS, then install the ryzen_threadripper_nvme_raid package. Getting the RAIDs set up is no problem, but every time I log into windows I get a 1016 CRITICAL error that I have Arrays that are offline. These are phantom LEGACY 1tb drives that do not exist, I believe they are some phantom duplicate of my boot disk (m.2 1tb SSD). Sometimes it's one, sometimes it's 3. I delete them with RAIDxpert2 every time but they always re-populate on start up. I've deleted them in BIOS also and they always show back up.


I've done a clean BIOS flash, clean Windows 10 install 3 times, trying to be careful and not get ahead or install anything out of order and the errors and phantom drives just keeps coming back every time. Any advice would be appreciated but I'm guessing it might just be a bug I have to live with for now...


Thanks for reading.