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Upgrade from fx6350 - Ryzen 5 1600x Recommendation?

Question asked by alexander_walter.exe on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by ajlueke

I've been throwing around the idea of building a new system from the ground up as a replacement to the FX system I've used for years.

My main question is for the money (especially with the cost of DDR4 Ram) Will I get much of a performance gain from it? I know Zen is leaps and bounds better than Bulldozer but my main question would be for my use cases.  I'm listing programs and games I use the PC for below, current specs, and Ryzen Machine specs. Any experience or opinions with a similar system would be great!


I use the computer for programs like Microsoft Visual Studio, Android Developer, Access w/ Visual Basic Editor, GIMP 2


I play games like Rocket League (60+fpson highest settings), ES Skyrim (60ish fps on High), Need For Speed 2015 (40ish fps on medium)



                    Current Machine                    Ryzen Machine

cpu               Fx 6350 @4.0gz                   R5 1600X or 1600

gpu               RX 460                                 GeForce 1060 6g (unless anyone has experience with the rumored issues AMD/NVIDIA cpu/gpu pairs)

ram             16g                                        16g

drives          2 HDDs                                 1SSD (boot), 1HDD

mboard        Asus-somethingorother       Asrock W/B350 Chipset

monitor       Dual 1920x1080                    Dual 1920x1080


I know this is really specific so if you have another view please go ahead and post it! I'm really back and forth on this so any input would be great!

This thread could just be about upgrading from AM3+ and I'd be fine with that