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How to Set a 21/9 Screen with AMD Software

Question asked by docmarcus on Dec 6, 2017

Hello, I have a screen LG 21/9 (2560-1080p) and another basic screen 4/3 (1280-1024p).
I used a NVidia card without worries, and today I connected my new W9100.
I have to reinstall windows (because it was a long time since I did not do it)
I install all the updates, all the drivers they need. but impossible to have a 2560-1080p display on my 21/9 ecren. I can not find this feature in the AMD software.
I can simply create a clone of the screen 2 on the 1, and so I end up with a resolution of 1280-1024p on my 21/9 screen.
What to do ?