rx580/480 hdmi scaling bug

Discussion created by pat66 on Dec 6, 2017

Hey guys so hopefully this is the right place but ive found an unfortunate bug with hdmi scaling that id like to report and hopefully have a fix..

Ive had 3 different amd gpus and never had any issues with hdmi scaling until now , i need it because otherwise my desktop is too big and doesnt fit properly on my tv screen..


So I have a rx580 and my buddy has a rx 480 I asked him to test this and it did the same thing , so here's the deal, as soon as you use the hdmi scaling slider it somehow forces youre screen to go in 30hz or something like that not sure what it actually does lol... I know that because when i start games up with vsync on i get 30fps , and as soon as I put the hdmi scaling slider back to 0% the game goes back to 60fps .. When I turn the slider back to 0% I can actually see my screen automatically change refresh rate lol..


So what the hell ? .. I never had such problems on my HD6850 and my r9 280x..