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    System Freeze While Installing 17.11.4 - RX480 Win 10



      AMD Graphics Card: RX 480 RS

      System: Desktop

      OS: Windows 10 64 bit

      Software: AMD ReLive 17.11.4

      CPU: Intel i5 4790k

      PSU: 750w gold

      RAM: 16gb



      So, I was installing the latest version of AMD software (which I assume also includes new drivers) (from 17.11.3 to 17.11.4). As I was installing it, I alt-tabbed to another window, and my computer froze up. I could not do anything, I was forced to hard shut down. I tried to boot up my computer to which it displayed the windows loading screen, but never got out of it. I then turned it off and removed my graphics card. I then tried to start my computer, with success, and deleted and reinstalled the new drivers and software from the AMD website.



      In the middle of reinstalling the newest version of the software, it gives me the error that I do not have a graphics card installed, and stops the installation. So I try to put the graphics card back in the computer, with the same windows loading problem, it doesn't start. I try to boot up the computer once more with the graphics card installed, and it shows the same windows loading screen, and doesn't start. The computer will likely not run due to the lack of properly installed drivers and/or software. So, I need the drivers and/or software in order to run the computer with the graphics card, but I can not install the software if I do not have a graphics card also installed. So, I have a paradox where the graphics card can not run because the software can not run because the graphics card can not run.

          Any help is appreciated.


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