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Can i upgrade to ryzen with this am4 board ? ?

Question asked by himiwd on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by jup_kozlowski

Hello i have this pc:

Here is the motherboard: HP Desktop PCs - motherboard specifications, Willow | HP® Customer Support

And i am asking if i can upgrade to the ryzen  3 1300x or ryzen 5 1600, both are 65w cpus. I think it would work.

Please dont give me answer "hp isnt recommending upgrade to this cpus" or something like that, i know the willov only officially supports only the apus, but i dont see why it couldnt support the ryzen too.

There is also a twitter post that says: All Ryzen are drop-in supported, regardless of the BIOS revision

So even if the bios doesnt matter, could it work ?

Here is the twitter post btw: