Please provide the possiblity to disable PSP completely

Discussion created by termy on Dec 5, 2017

We all know, that there are two groups of non-corporate customers:

-those that are not aware of the security/privacy-risks of something like the PSP (or Intels ME)

-those that would like these potential backdoors/attack-vectors disabled


In light of the recent Intel-ME-holes and the growing public awareness of this issue we can't stress hard enough that having an easy off-switch would be a huge publicity boost.

And while it is a good thing that you have PSP evaluated and stress-tested, it is still better to not have a potential risk if you don't need/use any of the functionality. (mechanical equivalent would be: whats not there can't break)


At the moment, while i'd prefer to buy a ryzen CPU, i'm pondering to choose intel just because me_cleaner provides a way to disable this security-nightmare...



edit: according to https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxmasterrace/comments/7i6kl7/amd_listened_to_us_and_added_a_psp_disable_option/?st=jawq1tt4&…  it seems that this is already on the way - hopefully it is a real disable/closing any access/attack vectors and not just a "hide PSP from OS"