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Screen blink issue with fresh driver install with strix rx460

Question asked by davydd on Dec 6, 2017

Hey there.

I have a strix rx 460 oc 4gb for about 2 months.


Yesterday when I started my pc, suddenly my screen started blinking intermitent(green, or black after I did some modifications in "Display" settings inside crimson). I tried reinstall the driver several times, used DDU(display driver uninstaller) to clean all the drivers components, and it works just fine without driver. After a fresh install it does the same blink, even with older versions.

It has an external fan connector, for case fans with 4 pins. I used a 3pin fan because I didn't have a fan with pwm yet...

Sometimes it messes up the windows aero and notify me that radeon wattman settings have been reset due unexpected crash(after every boot) but no major problem, so I unplugged the fan, and use without.


I plugged back the external fan, and with blinking screen I started playing some game, and when the card hits 55C fans turns on. The crimson driver popped up a notification that "Radeon settings has detected one or more high-dpi panels are connected to your sistem" and some settings were adjusted(automatically) and my screen worked just fine after that.

So I did a system restart to be sure it works, but my screen went back blinking that annoying green color, and cannot reproduce that automatic settings in driver.


By the way, it does the same blinking screen one time in the past, but I unplugged the card itself, reinstall driver and that solved my problem, but not this time.

Sorry for my bad english, I will record a video and post it for a better understaning.


UPDATE: Problem solved, by itself. don't know how, but my pc works just fine after I let it one day without any current(switched off the psu)


Here is a sample of what it does, hope it's allowed to post youtube videos(I made it).

Link to video: Rx460 Blinking screen - YouTube


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