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New 1700X with water discolouration and heavy on glue.

Question asked by couchornament on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by couchornament

So, part of my new build showed up today. RAM, Motherboard and heatsink are still en route...


When I looked at the CPU through the little window I noticed what looked like a water stain. Thinking it was just on the plastic I opened it up, nope... it's on the IHS itself. Also there seems to be quite a bit of glue holding the IHS on. I am curious if the glue is normal and that the water stain is just from manufacturing... or something else. Anyone seen this before?


Note: The fingerprints on the CPU in the picture are mine, I checked the pins as soon as I found that the discolouration was on the IHS. Aside from the discolouration it looked clean.