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    New rx580 issues


      Recently I bought a new computer, but in pieces to mount it, at the end of the contruction, i was surprised whit 3 beeps(1 large 2 short),after researching about it, i was thinks it could be my video card, or maybe my ddr4 ram.

      Here is my setup:


      XFX RX580 8gb

      Ryzen 5 1400

      MSI B350 Tomahawk motherboard

      Corsair CX 600 power supply

      Ballistix Sport 1x8gb DDR4 RAM 2400

      1TB WD HD (empty)


      im dont now barelly nothing but i can tell that:

      Power supply works, Motherboard leds works, ryzen 5 coller works.


      i think with that ryzen 5 i cant see no video without a gpu, so if i need any drivers what im supposed to do ?

      obs:i have an old GT660 can it help ?

      obs2:can xfx rx580 work on a intel core 2 duo cpu E8400 ?

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          I have forgotten the beep codes. But yes, I see no reason why you can't pair rx580 with core 2 duo. If the old gts works try it out first to rule out graphics card problems, then the core 2 duo if the prob still exists. Ram checking will be a prob. As you only have 1 stick. If you can manage another (borrow) you can rule out ram if that stick works and pc boots properly. In my limited amount of knowledge.

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            According to this link concerning MSI Boot up Beeps : BIOS beep codes. | MSI HQ User-to-User FAQ it is either your GPU card or Monitor that is having problems while booting up. I believe you must have the AWARD BIOS on your Motherboard. This is the only BIOS that indicates the sequence of beeps you mentioned. Here is from the link I posted first:

            AWARD BIOS:

            1 short - System boot successfull

            2 short - CMOS setting error

            1 long 1 short - DRAM or M/B error

            1 long 2 short - Monitor or display card error

            1 long 3 short - Keyboard error

            1 long 9 short - BIOS ROM error

            *repeated beeps - DRAM error

            *repeated short beeps - Power error

            *Repeated high & low beeps - Processor is damaged/Overheated


            Try reinstalling your GPU card including making sure you have both GPU Power connectors connected to the card. According to this website, You have a sufficient PSU to run your GPU card. The minimum required PSU is 550 watts for total system requirement using a RX580 card.


            I would check your monitor to be sure it is connected correctly and powered on.