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    1800x extremely slow and acting strange.


      Hi my setup is,


      CPU           R7 1800x (no overclock)


      RAM          16GB (2x8GB) Corsair DDR4 Dominator Platinum, PC4-24000 (3000), Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 15-17-17-35, XMP 2.0, 1.35V

      GPU          MSI GTX 10170

      PSU          750W EVGA GQ Series, 80PLUS Gold


      -fresh install of windows (tried it 3 times)

      -all drivers

      -latest bios

      -high performance power mode in windows

      -reseated cpu and cooler

      -checked gpu in other pc and works fine

      (basically everything is put together well and should be working fine)


      however im still getting extremely poor performance even just in windown. minimizing and dragging windows in laggy and sometimes the system freezes.

      memory usage unusually high at 40% even even when idle. i just blamed on chrome being bloated as this is what was using over a gb of my ram.


      However when i try to do work in Substance Painter (a gpu heady 3d texturing program) it is next to unusable. Both cpu and gpu hover near zero while the whole system becomes laggy and ram rockets up to 100% usage over the course of about 5 minutes. Similar situation in games. laggy and unplayable.


      I also noticed when the cpu does get worked by painter one of the 8 cores (core15) works 100% while the others are very low causing stupidly long response and load time.


      My previos fx8350 system was fine and never did this is Painter or any other games.

      If i dont find a solution to this issue fast im going to consider switching to an intel platform as i do a lot of game development and i need a stable workstation. I was hoping to enjoy my 16 threads for worldmachine but since i got this upgrade its been a disspointment and sadness.


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          What about temps, and PSU voltages?  These are the voltages and temps for my 1700x on a Gigabyte B350 board, for reference; my computer is basically idle.


          Is your RAM "stock" as well, or is it overclocked with the XMP profile?



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            I see you have "Corsair Dominator Platinum Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 Memory Kit (CMD16GX4M2B3000C15)"


            What speed are you running your RAM? I don't see your RAM on the "DRAM QVL for AMD Ryzen Processors" for your motherboard. You might try running your RAM at 2133MHz to see if that helps. Ryzen CPUs and motherboards are very picky about what RAM you use.


            I have a different motherboard and RAM than you do but when I first built my computer last April I had to run my RAM at 2133MHz. Eventually with BIOS updates I was able to run it at its rated 2666MHz.


            Note that when I tried to run the RAM at a higher speed than was supported it might boot but my system was very laggy and sometimes froze.

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              Well i have an update. Everything seems to be fine and windows inst choppy but only when i plug out my second monitor. The choppiness doesnt happen when i plug in my cintiq or oculus only with he one monitor. Unfortunately i feel the system is still under performing in simple loading tasks and crashes in substance painter. Everything is stock including the ram at 2133.

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                  Looks like you have a nVidia videocard just like me; sorry to hear. Just start changing your drivers to older and older versions to see if the issue goes away.  Another option is to try not to use DP cables (this solved some of my issues a few months ago, but then I got more monitors, and things went to garbage again), or replace your current ones with "vesa compatible" DP cables (there aren't many, so it's likely your current ones are non-compliant, even if they came with your monitor).  For some reason, these nVidia cards draw power from a DP pin that they are not supposed to be drawing power from (I expect, to fudge power consumption numbers), which results in weird things happening apparently.


                  nVidia drivers are generally pretty bad; I have an MSI 1070, and while it works well in gaming, I have given up on trying to make it work properly with my 3 monitors in regular Windows (DP, DP, and DVI).  I am currently trying to swap it for a Vega 56, but people are hoarding them like gold; AMDs videocard drivers are much more consistent.