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    AMD APP SDK v3.0 Windows x64 Install Fails


      I've had zero success in installing this version of the SDK on any system I've tried.  Two different Win 7 machines and a Win 10 box all producing the same error.

      I referenced this post and have tried both the Full and Web installers for x64  it seems the installer is downloading but failing to install with the following Windows Installer error :


      AMD APP SDK v3.0 Error.png

      I confirmed that the Windows Installer Services was started after doing some searching on this error to no avail.


      I would also note that I had no issues installing the v2.9 SDK x64 Windows (from here)to any of these same machines, but I'm in need of v3.0.  I've also tried the v3.0 Win installer from this link with the same results.


      Is there something wrong with the installer or am I missing something on all of my machines that's causing it to fail possibly?