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what do i need to do after video card crashes? r7 350 r

Question asked by jeremycobble on Dec 4, 2017

ok i have a r7 350 4 video card i bought it on nov 6th 2017 it was working great and tonight while playing a game the screen pixelized and pc video froze up and could not do anything using the onboard video graphics on my dell to type this out and ask what do i do in order to get this card back  up and working again? Running windows 10 and its is a 64 bit. I was playing WOW and it just quit working I tried resetting the video card going into bios and resetting everything in there but it still showing in device manager as a hidden component and unable to get it to work. I open the pc case up and the fan is running but there is no video at all. Please any help is greatly appreciated.