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7950 stuck at low clocks, 500MHz/150MHz core/memory.

Question asked by bmgibben on Dec 3, 2017

After a windows update (but this has happened in the past) my AMD 7950 has gotten stuck at extremely low clocks and cannot be brought back up. They get stuck at 500MHz for the core clock and 150MHz for the memory clock. These are so low that the card is useless.


I've tried updating drivers, didn't work.

I've tried editing the default clocks in Radeon Settings but that does nothing. It CAN control the fan so it's talking to the card.

I've tried enabled and disabling ULPS and Powerplay support (disabled, with and without) in MSI Afterburner to no effect.


I'm out of options now and the card is effectively bricked; only able to run Windows.