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    Radeon HD 8790m - Grafik in games hangs and driver installation via Crimson fails



      I´ve got Problems with GTA5. Even with lowest specifications - i.a. resolution, people number and diversity, etc. - it hangs all the time I drive a car. Sometimes about three times a second for one second. A friend has a third of my GPU RAM and the game is running fine on mid to average specifications.

      I´m running the latest Intel drivers but when updating through the automatic Crimson update program, the PC either freezes in mid-installation an then doesn´t reboot or finishes but then doesn´t reboot. It always stops booting when showing the first manually chosen screen after these points start to rotate in a circle during boot.

      I also don´t have the option to uninstall the driver via "uninstall a programm" as recommended in https://community.amd.com/thread/207699 as it´s the driver supplied or downloaded initially by Windows. Would the Crimson pogram also work when I uninstall the grafikcard via properties?

      I just installed Windows about four weeks ago after buying the PC from a big second hand dealer and reseller and now repair it after the failed installations with the mirrored harddrive or when it works with system restore.

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          AMD Graphics Card

              Amd Radeon HD 8790M

          Desktop or Laptop System

              Laptop Dell Latitude E6540

          Operating System

              Windows 10 64bit

          Driver version installed

              Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.   15.200.1045.0

          Display Devices

              Laptop "PnP" Display


              Dell Inc.     0VWNW8

          Bios Revision

              BIOS-Version Dell Inc. A08, Date: 18.02.2014


              Intel Core i74800MQ CPU @ 2.70GHz 2701 MHz

          Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage



              8 GB