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      started with fx9590 and r9 390 crossfire (first build) and slowly ended up with a new Ryzen and Vega rig


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      CPURyzen 7 1700@ 3.2
      CoolerAlphacool Eisbaer 280mm/ Alphacool Eiswolf GPX
      MotherboardMSI Gaming Pro Carbon
      MemoryCorsair Vengeance Pro LPX 16gb@ 2933
      GraphicsSapphire Rx Vega@ 1750/1000
      Disc Drive 1Toshiba ocz400
      Disc Drive 2Mushkin Reactor ssd 512gb
      Disc Drive 3WD BLACK 2TB
      PSUThermalTake Grand Series 850w
      CaseThermalTake Core V31


      Upgraded my LG34UW. Not sure what i want to do now besides maybe desk speakers or BDXL drive or keyboard.


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          AWESOME! I also take this opportunity to see how the Alphacool waterblocks look in non-setup pics, has a very alien/mech look to it, I like it, so thank you for posting pics!

          One thing I would do if I were you, I'd move the HDD to the top 2.5" bay and route the cables through the back. Would give a cleaner appearance imho.

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              Ah good idea, didnt think about that.

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                  You should probably find a caddy for it before just slapping it there, or at least screw the hdd to one side of the rack and add a grommet/anti-vibration pad to the bottom of the HDD to avoid transmission and/or HDD shifting, which could result in some undesirable issues.


                  And I made a mistake above, it was supposed to say to move the HDD to a 5.25" bay, not 2.5". My bad

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                      I cleaned up some wires and moved the hdd last night matter of fact. Thought the same thing and mounted the caddy to the top of the optical drive and some pads underneath because the radiator is taking up the bottom 5.25 bay. I took some pics with the side panel off but couldn't with it on because of glare but you was right, looks way better now and can't even see it or have as much wires down there. Great advice

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                  great build you have there would love to pick up a vega myself sometime but holidays currently lol

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                      Thank you. I picked it up during the craze, seen that newegg had more stable prices unlike Amazon then I set a notification. Picked it up for 560 with the game bundle and am pretty happy. Hopefully they will resupply for holidays and there will be one left for you lol.

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                      Great upgrade. The quick disconnects are not pretty but are functional. What temperature do you have on your CPU and GPU under load?

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                          Thanks. Yea the connects aren't eye pleasing but like daquteness said it has the mech look or like a industrial power.. I'm not big into hard piping, i like the looks but im just functionality. Anyway idle for the CPU is idle 30c and load 51c for demanding games, gpu is idle 24c and 49c is the highest I seen for rise of the tomb raider and gtav. Best thing about the watercooling setup is that there is a pump on the gpu and the CPU so it cools well and if one goes out your still good until you fix it.