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Troubleshooting Wattman Settings and Missing textures/reflections with drivers 17.x

Question asked by falita on Dec 3, 2017
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1. Wattman or any other OC tool resets to default values (voltage, gpu clocks, fan speeds, etc) if some conditions are met.

2. Missing textures or reflections, filters etc... tested on GTA V only i should assume that this is happening with other titles as well and people doesn't realice of this yet, i mean is dificult to notice if effects are working or not, like going in some game from mid setting to ultra and "hey... is the same!" maybe the driver is in fault here.



XFX RX 480 RS 8GB D5 1288Mhz XXX HS

Part No.: RX-480P8LFB6


CPU: i7 2600k @4.5Ghz

RAM: 16GB DDR3 (2x8GB)

Mother: Asrock Z77 extreme 4

PSU: Seasonic 850w 80Plus Bronze

Monitor: 1080p display using HDMI at 60hz



Now is time to choose your poison:

- Do you want the card to keep the settings saved and loose the fixes and performance for new titles?

- Do you want newer drivers for fixes and performance gain in some titles at the cost of missing textures and visual effects that may or not be working and you can't see it?.


I have tested this drivers:


Driver    |    Behaviour

17.11.4   > Fix wattman > textures and effect missing

17.10.3  > Fix wattman > textures and effect missing

17.9.1    > WattMan doesn't save settings (or any other oc tool)

17.8.2    > WattMan doesn't save settings (or any other oc tool)

17.7.2    > WattMan doesn't save settings (or any other oc tool)

17.6.2    > OK


Test Methodoly:

Clean OS W10 x64 updated.

Unnistall normally

Reboot on safe mode

Run Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) v17.0.7.9

Run AMD Cleanup Utility

Reboot to normal

Install driver




1. Wattman and settings and why is important a fix to this issue:

As many people know by default the card work at a high voltage and because of the restriction in power delivery of 150w the card can trottle the core clock, this behaviour gave me some stuttering issues in some games or performance hits in some parts, soo keeping this card on lower voltages allow for a constant and non variable core clock during any game, keeping the card more cooled, less noise, more performance.


Now, some people clame that x driver or x driver save the settings after a restart and are happy, BUT... im sure if you test the card with a tool other than a benchmark or game you can trigger the reset without knowing, even wattman or the oc tool will show you your custom settings and make you think they are working until you check with an app like GPU-Z and see the true values.


For me the trigger in all the drivers is Photoshop and video decoding/encoding, even youtube can trigger the reset.


Here you can see my undervolt and the tools using for testing (idle):

By default the stage 7 is 1150mv (1.15v), im using 1080mv (1.08v)


Now running furmark a few seconds to see if the settings is applied, also the games (KF2 and GTA V report the same volage):

Setting applied, vcore 1.06v - 1.08v (gaming)


Now just running Photoshop with hardware acceleration ON.

Look at the VDDC on GPU-Z, settings ignored and back to default.


Lets test again Furmark to see what happens now:

Wattman shows my custom values but they are no longer working.

1.13v (default 1150mv)


This is how photohop appear with the fixed wattman (17.6.2 and 17.10.3/newer)


After gaming with the Wattman fixed drivers:



You can put this settings and run games, reboot and do anything you want, but as soon as you trigger the reset you have to enter wattman, reset, apply, put the custom value again, apply, for me at least is video acceleration, because it happens when i open youtube or the browser use the hw aceleration and photoshop or any app that uses that function.




2. Textures missing (for some people) and effects not showing in-game.


I'm going to use GTA V for this example since is the most easy to check:


Graphics Ultra and very High without AA only FX

1080p and 60hz with vsync

DX11 mode.


Drivers from  17.9.x (working) and older:


Drivers from 17.10.x and newer


Missing reflections on the door and a little different color in general.

Now, check the cars, they all seem to be Mate color and again missing reflections:






I hope this works to fix this damn issue.