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    HD3670 Stopped Working After Microsoft Updated Windows 10 Build


      Have a laptop with a 3670. Which still performs very well. If it wasn't for the drivers that got replaced a few weeks ago by the standard Windows once. Now I find out that AMD REMOVED support for these cards for Windows 10 and doesn't even give the option to run an older (Windows 10) driver which will run fine!


      How do I reinstall the old drivers so I can resolve the issue? I know many people where this issue is now coming up so please FIX IT


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            Hi Mat,


            Marked the response as unhelpful since all the needed info is in the initial post. The question is related solely to the AMD display drivers which were removed by Windows update and AMD no longer supporting WIndows 10 for 3000 series graphic cards.


            However I will sumarize it for you:

            - Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670

            - System type: HP Mobile Workstation EliteBook 8730W

            - RAM: 4GB

            - CPU: Intel Core2DUO P8700

            - Disk: Samsung SSD 250 GB

            - Mainboard: No idea would have to look it up but do not see the relevance

            - Driver: MS default driver which is the problem

            - OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit English

            - Power Suply: 90W

            - Detailed issue: Windows 10 drivers AMD drivers were installed and worked for years, these have now been replaced by the default MS drivers severely reducing functionality to u

            nusable. AMD has state that Windows 10 drivers are no longer supported for discrete cards however do not provide a link to the last stable driver which does!

            - Details about applications/games affected: Any and all

            - Graphical settings used in the application/game: Restricted to single display and low 4:3 resolution

            - If possible, include a screenshot or video link of the issue:


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                • Providing complete details with your post in a requirement, not an optional feature. Thats why it's clearly mentioned in the Terms of Use of this forum.
                • This is an issue caused by a Windows update. AMD has NOT dropped support for these products, there NEVER WERE Windows 10 drivers for these products.
                • There are already several posts on this very issue with a workaround of rolling back to a 2015 driver via the device manager.
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                    Providing complete details with your post in a requirement: Details were complete and befitting for the question at hand! Another way to respond and more customer oriented would've been to specify what details you were missing or what was unclear!

                    This is an issue caused by a Windows update: AMD not supporting a product which went of market the moment a months after the release of the OS is abysmal!

                    There are already several posts on this very issue with a workaround of rolling back to a 2015 driver via the device manager: That is not a solution what if you need a fresh install for some reason?


                    Further more even after providing a full list of details, I have yet to get a real solution other than "not our problem, here's a work around". There are still no drivers for a clean install!


                    Think of it this way do you think that anyone without technical knowledge could get any support here? Great way to get return sales!


                    PS a reply is neither required nor desired unless it contains a solution. Marked my reply as a solution since that is probably as close as anyone will get

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                For anyone finding this and running into the same issue. Although it's disappointing AMD no longer supports any of their discrete cards with their own drivers. The reason it no longer works is that MS has dropped support as well as it seems (or their latest drivers aren't working correctly)


                Go to device manager.

                Select graphics card, press right mouse button and click properties:

                Go to the tab Driver and press "Roll Back Driver" (This is greyed out for me since I already did it).

                From now on I will be making sure I never advise any AMD hardware because of the terrible driver life time. I have my dual NVidea GTX 7800 still running WITH NVidea drivers for Windows 10! Which was released in 2005...

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