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my hdmi on radeon r7 200 stopped working

Question asked by anthonypap on Dec 3, 2017

Hello, I am using quite an old gpu (amd radeom r7 200 series) and i was using an hdmi cable to connect it to my monitor/tv (It was working perfectly for 2 months untill today) before that i was using a dvi-vga connection but my monitor supports up to 1360x768 on this connection but 1920x1080 on hdmi and since i figured it out 2 months ago i insta changed it. I left home on saturday leaving the pc working and returned on sunday (After about 30h) and saw that horifying sign in the monitor that ''No signal'' . I restarted my computer but still no signal from hdmi , then i switched back to vga and still no signal untill i turned the pc off removed the hdmi cable and start it again with vga only connection. My monitor worked and got visual only to see that i have an available update to do on radeon settings (the 17.11.4 ) i did it and restarted my computer and then i reconected the hdmi cable and i still had ''No Signal'' i switched back to vga so i can see if everything is ok and my vga was dead also (while it was working before the switch). And here is the problem i am asking for a posible solution , whats happening and is it fixable?


For the record

I checked the hdmi cable on my ps4 and it was working

when i start the pc with the hdmi the vga will drop dead also

but if i start the pc only with vga the monitor will keep on playing correctly

if by any means i connect the hdmi while i was on vga just to see if its working or not the vga signal will be lost in a couple of minutes