forced Invasive software

Discussion created by taglag on Dec 3, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2017 by black_zion

   Why must I submit to your invasive software ( report back to your master crap ) just to install or update drivers on my system.


The Pop up gives absolutely no option to refuse, yet the text gives the indication that you have a choice, but the only choice you have is to except.


If you click the X to close the window, the drivers will never install.


This is really Sleazy! I think every Gosh Damn piece of $hit I get anymore attempts to load some piece of useless spyware on my computer, and now, I can not even get my vid drivers with out you all stuffing another piece of slow my system down, or increase my latency, or lag just a tiny bit more . Crap!


  I am really tired of every software maker in the world trying to cram something into my system that I do not want or need.  I mean how damn many millions of systems to you have to control to get this so called information you need.. I think your a bunch of scammers and only want information to sell, and I can not even believe that you have enough people in your company to look at the billions of threads of info that such software would send to you.  I Mean if every AMD user in the world sent you info, how would you actually go through all of that... Gee-sh! Get real.


   However, I do think you could weed out consumer usage, and web sights visited, and maybe use of that.   I think it is one of the most heinous things that software makers do. Attempting to make people believe that you're actually going to use there info to solve all the worlds problems. You people just left the carnie right, use to do the ole "Step right up, and win your girlfriend a big stuffed Dog", thing, didn't you.