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I cannot get windows 10 to use my AMD 530--only integrated/onboard is in use

Question asked by dorothymacha on Dec 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2018 by pullaka

Hey all,


I just got a new HP Pavilion 27" r055 all-in-one, for the life of me I cannot figure out why my AMD 530 looks as if it's not being used.


I'm using a SSD that I wiped and started fresh using the media creation tool for Win 10.


I downloaded all the updates via windows update, and then all of the driver specific updates via the HP support utility.


Device mgr etc shows the AMD card is installed and should be working properly.


The rest of my post is best expressed with screenshots I took from GPU-Z, CPU-Z, etc.


Please see attached.


My observations, which may or may not help you with spotting what's up:


It seems as if all of these sensor readings and whatnot definitely show it's installed, but there's no signs of usage. The GPU switches back and forth from 100% to 0% every other second, but it maxes out the memory usage at 1MB (compared to the intel graphics showing 500MB+)


Also, it looks like AMD CrossFire/Multi-GPU is disabled - it can't be as easy as enabling that, right? (If it is, please let me know how


I also used the Radeon Switchable Graphics Monitor, and the only thing that shows up there is the Windows App Store (***?)


Thanks in advance for taking a look!