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    Suspected driver issue: HBAO+ shader crashes Witcher 3 and Koe


      Hey guys,


      Ever since I upgraded from an NVIDIA SLI configuration to a Vega 56 card, I have been experiencing crashes when playing The Witcher 3. For a while I thought this had something to do with my hardware, yet a few days ago I realised that the crashes probably had something to do with the shader implementation: Koe, too - a game that is currently at alpha stage - crashed frequently, until I disabled most of the shaders. I began experimenting with the shaders in The Witcher 3, and when I disabled the HBAO+ shader, the crashes stopped occurring.


      To illustrate what happens if I leave the HBAO+ shader on, I've pasted in a photograph of my computer screen below: multicoloured confetti. The crashes mostly appear to occur if/when I open a menu. Should this be relevant: the SSAO shader produces no such problems.

      Finally, some information on my setup. I hope this problem can be resolved, as I really like the effect the HBAO+ shader has on the graphics:


      OS: Windows 10 Fall Creators' Update, 64 bit

      Current drivers: 17.11.4. The first drivers I installed belonged to the 17.10 series, and had the same problem.

      Running at a 4K resolution



      * Intel i7-4700MQ

      * 16 GB DDR-3 RAM

      * Intel SSD Hard Drive

      * Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1 USB sound card

      * AMD Radeon Vega 56 Graphics Card