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    LG 34UC80-B Freesync


      Just received my LG34UC80-B monitor today. For some reason radeon settings (17.11.4) shows Freesync as Not Supported. I have freesync enabled in the monitor which is connected via displayport cable provided in the package. I've searched the previous discussions, but I think because this monitor is newer, there is no previous discussion specifically for it. BUT, there is previous discussion on the 34UC88, which LG confirmed as basically the same monitor.

      Any help would be hugely appreciated.

      Oh...my GPU is RX 580


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          Different monitor in my case.

          Is this what you see?



          I then enable Freesync in the monitor Menu:



          Please try the following.
          Uninstall your AMD Driver completely using Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall

          Reboot your PC.
          As an extra step you could download and run amdcleanuputility from AMD run it.
          Reset your monitor to factory settings.

          Enable freesync on the monitor menu.

          Install the GPU Driver.
          See if that fixes the issue.


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            Wanted to provide an update to help resolve this thread. Nothing mentioned above resolved the freesync issue. BUT the new 17.12.1 Adrenalin Driver has resolved this issue and Freesync is now working properly.

            According to the release notes...one of these revisions has fixed the issue:

            Enhanced Sync


            • Added support for all GCN-based Radeon graphics products.
            • Added support for Vulkan™ API.
            • Added support Multi-GPU configurations.
            • Added support for Eyefinity configurations.

            Radeon FreeSync

            • Added support for HDR10 titles with Radeon FreeSync2 displays.
            • Added per-application Radeon FreeSync support.

            Thank you to all who chipped in and thank you colesdav to initiating this with a response to my PM. It's nice to see people devote time and energy to the benefit of others!

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