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    When will the UVD bug be fixed?


      Many users are experiencing this problem for more than a year. You told engineers about this problem but it is still not fixed. Please fix this problem.

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          1. Can you please specify "UVD Bug" ?


          2 Try DXVA Checker
          DXVA Checker


          It will allow you to check which codecs have enabled HW accelerated decoding, and up to which resolution.


          Also in its newer versions allows to enable/disable HW acceleration for decoding. (Arrow up in right bottom corner of DXVAChecker > "Video acceleration settings").


          Some people reported that they are lacking HEVC support in Windows 10 on FuryX. That might help to enable it however it seems that FuryX supports ONLY 8bit version of the codec, and does not support "HEVC main 10". The switch in DXVA checker is present, can be set to "auto/on/off" however cannot be enabled.


          On a side note, HEVC codec version 1 supports both Main and Main10 profiles ,the latter one is not present/cannot be properly enabled on certain graphic cards (such as FuryX).