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I need Ram for my new AMD 1700x at a reasonable price anyone have any suggestions as the price seems to have gone up 100-120 USD on most ram in the last 5 days.

Question asked by christmasmiracle on Nov 30, 2017
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So my wife decided to make a computer with me this year one for each of us as our Christmas gift to each other. This is her first home build. I was excited to get her the parts I did. However, one part illudes us. Ram. When i contacted G. Skill they told me that Ram is priced based on demand not on a set price. Thus their explanation for why its gone up 120 dollars in the time a ticket or two i had filed were going on.


Long story short im looking at 190-280 USD for ram, and I feel thats a bit silly as it was 149.99 on black friday and 179.99 for the 3200 DDR4 Ram Flare X on Tuesday. The span of 2 days has changed the price by anywhere from 50 USD - 120 USD as i said.


I'm looking to just get my wife some ram around the market price of 179.99 / or less that will work well with her AMD 1700x and Asus TUF B350M-Plus Motherboard. I kept seeing that there were bad reviews nearly on every piece of ram i saw on the compatibility list except the G. Skill Flare X. I would love if there was something I could buy in 16 GB kits for the computer at around 179.99 USD a kit of 16 GB and had good reviews for compatibility.